abc super funds

abc super funds

Key benefits of having a SMSF as opposed to other superannuation funds.

Your superannuation holdings will potentially become your single largest investment and it is often not until retirement that clients come to realise that fact.

After many years of letting an agent manage your super many people decide to finally take control of their savings. Why is this?

Self Managed Super Funds offer:

  • Choice

  • Flexibility

  • Savings on fees and costs

  • Simplicity

  • Tax free pension payments

  • Life insurance paid with pre-tax dollars

  • Greater certainty with your investments.

Controlling your super is as simple as ABC...

Advising the trustees of a SMSF is a specialised area and abc super funds have extensive knowledge and experience in advising interested parties to establish a SMSF.

Find out why it is so important to using a licensed company to set up your fund.


Protecting your nest egg for the future

It's Your Money and Your Future ~ Let 'abc super funds' help you... from application to administration and drawing of benefits.

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